Pleasant View Waste Removals "Trash for Ta-Tas" program
Pleasant View Waste Removal is partnering with Team 01510, Breast Intentions of Clinton, Massachusetts. Our combined efforts will benefit women dealing with breast cancer. 

What Is Team 01510?

In 2010, a group of girls from Clinton, Massachusetts, joined forces with an organization in New Jersey to help women with breast cancer and their families. Through donations and local fund-raising, their goal is to assist with the financial hardships that women face while fighting breast cancer. 

While undergoing treatments, many women are unable to work. As a result, everyday bills start to pile up. Team 01510 steps in to help these women pay their rents, mortgages, utility bills, car payments, and more. They also provide grocery cards and gas cards to families struggling to put food on their tables or gas in their vehicles. 

Team 01510 knows that their efforts may not be able to change lives, treatments, or prognoses. However, if they can make even one person's day, week, or month a little easier by relieving a financial burden, they will have succeeded. 

How We're Helping 

Rent our pink Trash for Ta-Tas dumpster at our normal rates. All profits will be donated to Team 01510 to help these women and their families.

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