Our price for dumpster rentals starts at $305.00 and include the first ton of disposal, anything over the first ton is $115 per ton at a pro rated rate.

Extra Cost Items

All our dumpster have this sticker on them which indicate items with an extra charge to dump them. As listed:

  • CFC Freon Items (Refrigerator)
  • Tires, Tires on Rims or Automotive Batteries
  • Lawn Mowers/Snow Blowers, TVs
  • Propane Tanks, Matress/Box Springs

Any dumpster over loaded (loaded over the top rails) will also be charged extra. PLEASE DO NOT OVER LOAD THE DUMPSTER.


Bulk item pickup, Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Take a picture(s) of your bulk items.
  2. Email the pictures with your street address and phone number to
  3. We will email back a price and if you accept the price someone will contact you for payment and to schedule the pick up date.